Friday, May 14, 2010

Western Evangelical Crack-up

Over at Rod Dreher's blog he asks, "Are you a Christian hipster?",  and links to this quiz which is set on a website about the book  Hipster Christianity, by Brett McCracken.  It is an interesting take on what's going on in Protestant circles today.  Are these signs of hipness really just signs of Evangelicals looking for a more meaningful way of worshiping and living out their daily life in a way consistent with their Christian faith?  I'm not talking about the person who's trying to be hip, as in the ironic video in my previous post, but those who are really trying to let their faith form how they live rather than allowing certain western cultural norms define their faith.

A while back, I posted about an article the late Michael Spencer wrote for The Christian Science Monitor, titled, The Coming Evangelical Collapse.  I think this hipness is a sign of the collapse, or perhaps it's reformation.

For what it's worth, here is my quiz result.

Your Christian Hipster Quotient:
86 / 120

High CHQ. You are a pretty progressive, stylish, hipster-leaning Christian, even while you could easily feel at home in a decidedly un-hip non-denominational church. You are conservative on some issues and liberal on others, and sometimes you grow weary of trendy "alt-Christianity." But make no mistake: You are a Christian hipster to at least some degree.
I don't think anyone who has read much of what I've written would think I'd be comfortable in a non-denominational congregation, which here in the States, usually means free form, seeker friendly, non-liturgical.

If you take the quiz, check out the whole website.  Kind of funny what is being defined as hip, like being well read!

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