Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Cut Carbohydrates

There's been quite a bit in the U.S. written on why and how we get fat. Just go to any bookstore and there will be a whole section on diets, usually found nearby, but separated from the cookbook section. Below is a chart that I think is helpful in explaining the how and why our bodies get fat. Click this link if the chart is too small for you to read as I wasn't able to make this one any larger.

If you know someone who blames their weight gain on a hormone imbalance and you've been inclined to doubt them, then doubt no more. We don't often think of insulin as a hormone, but that is exactly what it is, and it turns out that it is the key to most weight gain.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Litany To The Holy Spirit

was the song for the offertory at St. Mark's Lutheran Church this morning. What a lovely way to petition the third person of the Trinity.

Here is a nice version of it I found on YouTube.


 In the hour of my distress, 
When temptations me oppress, 
And when I my sins confess, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When I lie within my bed, 
Sick in heart,and sick in head, 
And with doubts discomforted, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the house doth sigh and weep, 
And the world is drown'd in sleep, 
Yet mine eyes the watch do keep, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the artless doctor sees 
No one hope, but of his fees, 
And his skill runs on the lees, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

 When his potion and his pill, 
Has, or none, or little skill, 
Meet for nothing but to kill, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the passing-bell doth toll, 
And the furies in a shoal 
Come to fright a parting soul, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the tapers now burn blue, 
And the comforters are few, 
And that number more than true, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the priest his last hath pray'd,
 And I nod to what is said, 
'Cause my speech is now decay'd,
 Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When, God knows, I'm tost about 
Either with despair, or doubt; 
Yet, before the glass be out, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the tempter me pursu'th 
With the sins of all my youth, 
And half damns me with untruth, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the flames and hellish cries 
Fright mine ears, and fright mine eyes, 
And all terrors me surprise, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

When the Judgment is reveal'd, 
And that open'd which was seal'd; 
When to Thee I have appeal'd, 
Sweet Spirit, comfort me! 

Robert Herrick