Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

When things are difficult, financially, physically or spiritually, it can seem quite difficult to be thankful. How many in our society deal with this is to seek more and better. How wise it is that we have a day in which we do not look for what may come, but for what has been, and be grateful.

It is hard to be thankful on a special day if the rest of our lives are not immersed in gratitude. It has become a bit of a lost virtue, but one we can reclaim. There has been a bit of a movement on Facebook to list one thing one is grateful for each day in November. I have not participated, but appreciate the sentiment behind it. Even if no one else knows, and maybe especially if no one else knows, we can practice this lost virtue of thankfulness starting in the small things in our lives. When my eldest daughter was still a toddler, she'd wake up each day and together we'd say, "Thank you God for waking us up this morning.". We stopped the practice together as she got older and our morning habits changed, but perhaps it would be a good thing to begin again, on our own - being thankful for the gift of another day.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you all!