Monday, February 7, 2011

A Songless Sect

Patrick Mitchell, an Irish blogger, attended a lecture given by Daniel Dennett, well know anti-theist. He was struck by how the lecture was couched in religious terms, even to the point of introducing atheistic hymns.  It would appear that all humans are creatures of faith and worship, or as Bob Dylan sang, you're gonna have to serve somebody. Here's what Mitchell writes about that portion of the lecture. 
He even played a couple of secular gospel hymns, complete with lyrics like “Bowing to reason we stand together” and “We’ve turned the page, don’t be afraid of the world we’re creating, come on in …” [He said he played these in the States and the crowd was up singing and partying - not a person even twitched in Dublin. An atheist questioner afterwards pleaded with him to drop the 'brutal' music and try comedy as a route to joy].
I guess Dennett hasn't heard yet that atheists don't have no songs.

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