Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twenty Years And Counting

It is a strange phenomenon that what seems like just yesterday can also seem like 'has always been',  but we mark time, and the calendar tells it was twenty years ago today that David and I were married.

How to describe a life that has brought two people together with both things in common and things not, that has, through love and commitment, become a family?  I describe it as miraculous and beautiful.

With all the problems and joys that fill up twenty years, I thank God for his grace and wisdom that we have relied upon to see us to this point.  I thank David for being the man he is:  kind, industrious, intelligent, patient.  What great qualities to bring to a marriage and on which to create a family.  Even through the tragedies, I realize we have a beautiful life....we have loved each other well.

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