Friday, April 30, 2010

U.N. = Unbelievable

The United Nations has long entered the self-parodying phase of it's existence when governments with such stellar human rights records such as China and Saudi Arabia were allowed on the Commission for Human Rights which was then transformed into the Human Rights Council, and it looks as though they intend to stay there. I read last night that Iran has been elected to the Commission on the Status of Women, with no objection from the U.S. I might add.  Read here for a list of laws against women in Iran.  Here are just a few.
  • Must have husband's permission to obtain a passport.
  • Will receive 74 strokes of the lash for appearing in public without an Islamic hejab.
  • Cannot leave home without husband's permission.
  • Can be divorced for any reason without recourse or prior knowledge.
This picture is of an Iranian girl being prepared for stoning.  The government that condones this now sits on the Commission on the Status of Women.  Travesty is not too strong a word.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahah... priceless. Anything that involves the UN is, a priori, a farce.

    Check Article 29 of the UN Human Rights charter. Written into the HRC is an exemption which allows the UN or your own country to ... VIOLATE YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS. Wonderful!