Monday, March 8, 2010

The Great Theologians

Scot McKnight has linked to and says good things about Gerry McDermott's new book, The Great Theologians:  A Brief Guide.  It's interesting knowing the author, reading the book and then reading the comments after Scot's post, (especially those who know nothing of the book or its author).

While there are a few of us who have enough of an interest in theology to have searched out classes, lectures, books and articles on the subject, there are many who are interested or would be interested but don't know where to go to get started.  While many of the 'great theologians' are not as inaccessible as many think, this book will ease fears of delving into further study and whet the appetite for those who yearn to understand theology and how we've gotten to the various theologies taught today.

Gerry has formatted this book with questions at the end of each chapter which would serve well for a group study and he also gives suggestions for further reading.

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