Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Happened In Roanoke Today

Some performance artists decided to go out on the market and watch fixatedly, old unplugged televisions. The goal of the group seems nebulous, but anything that may promote turning off the television gets a thumbs up from me.

From what I understand, they were abiding by the law as far as how many were standing together, though from the police officer's perspective, if there were many gathered around this particular performer it may have been a violation of some code. It seems that it would have just been easier for the officer to ask the people to move along. Question; What are the responsibilities of a citizen/artist in such situations?

In the long run, it probably has worked in favor of the performance group, because now it may be seen around the world.

An explanation of the project from Beth Deel.


  1. In Roanoke? My conservative little backwater of a hometown? If I didn't know better, I would have sworn that was NYC. :-)

    Maybe she shoulda showed The Man some i-DEE!

    Here's what he should have done: asked her if she would show him her i-DEE during the next commercial break. She would have bit, hook, line and sinker, and he would have been a cool, hip Youtube insta-star instead of Barney Fife on steroids.

  2. Hey Mike! Yes, there are so many ways this could have been handled better - with humor and grace.
    Of course I would expect you to know how to do just that.

  3. This was ridiculous...I think those people didn't get spanked enough as children...then maybe they would have grown up with some respect for others...They just need a old fashion spanking....