Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bi-Partisan Vote

was against the Fleecing of Future Generations Bill. All the Republicans and 11 Democrats voted against this bill, and for good reason. It is not a stimulus bill, it is a pork bill where future generations are funding pet projects of the majority party.

It is interesting that for all the post-partisan talk of President Obama, the bill was written without any input from the minority party. The President very kindly listened to them, but at one point ended up reminding them, "I won.". It seems that his idea of bi-partisan or post-partisan is "Vote with us whether you agree with us or not.".

Here is an alternative.

For more indepth reasons why this "stimulus bill" will not stimulate the economy, look here.


  1. That's unfortunate. Too bad she didn't say, "Thanks, but no thanks.".
    Here' Bobby's take....Most Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted against the bill. Gov. Bobby Jindal, who was a member of the House before he was elected governor, said in Shreveport today that he would have done likewise because there's too much federal debt.
    From KTBS News.