Friday, September 19, 2008

Theology and Politics

I am probably one of the most non-political people you will ever meet. I have always been much more interested in morality and, since I became a Christian, in biblical morality. That is always how I have tended to vote--- according to the moral values expressed by the candidate.

I am much more passionately interested in theology and I do not believe that these 2 arenas can exist completely independent of one another.

As Christians we are encouraged by God, to conform to the mind of Jesus Christ. This is the essence of theology—to think God’s thoughts after Him. Jesus Christ is the Living Word and, through the bible, we can come to know His mind and heart. His Word promises that His children are being transformed more and more deeply into His image and that God will “complete the good work that He has begun in us”.

What does this mean when we, as Christians, consider for whom we are going to vote? As Christians, ideally, we are supposed to read the Word of God and, wherever our beliefs conflict with the Word, abandon our beliefs in an effort to conform to the highest truth that we are privy to as human beings.

For these reasons, I have never made it past the issue of abortion, as I have considered who would get my vote. God’s Word tells us firmly, and without uncertainty, that we are not to murder. Taking the life of another human being is the definition of murder…. Any politician or political party that bases part of its platform on the acceptance of murder will never get my vote. It is that simple and clear cut for me.

However, I have many good Christian friends who are democrats. In the weeks to come, I plan on asking them how they can adopt political positions that are in direct opposition to scripture. I am truly seeking to understand, what seems to me, to be such a strange phenomena.

In Christ,

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  1. Janine,
    Is abortion always murder? Robert Benne has said otherwise "...the sacrality of all nascent human life, which should be taken only for the weightiest of reasons." - from a letter to Lutheran Core. So it would seem there are reasons were abortion can be the correct choice this is the teaching of the ELCA.

    Robert Benne goes on to list these reasons in his book "Ordinary Saints" that abortion is permissible when the health of the mother is at severe risk, cases of a malformed fetus where the child would not have a chance to survive, cases of rape and incest or other serious circumstances that could occur.

    You can be sure if Bob Benne says it Mark and Gerry will too.

    Abortion on demand is wrong this is what we are opposed to but I don't think it is fair to say all abortion is murder.