Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is so simple and yet so complex....

The meaning of life is union with God, the constant emptying of ourselves and the constant need to be filled with God. He requires our desire, our cooperation and our surrender. He does all the rest. By His hand, He will craft a willing and striving human soul, painfully and joyfully, into the perfect image of His Son, Jesus Christ. The dance between our free will and God's grace is called synergy. Synergy is the sum of our union with God, on this side of reality. When we are face to face with Him, on the other side of reality, we will be united with Him for all eternity.

God's grace is invisible but His grace is more powerful, and more tangibly real, than any calm sea or raging hurricane. Because we cannot see His grace with our human eyes, He has given us Holy Sacraments. These sacraments are deeply mysterious because God is, in His essence, deeply mysterious. He has given us tangible and material signs of His grace. As we partake of His body and blood in communion and are baptized by water and His Spirit as we enter His Kingdom, we realize, with even more certainty than we can know that we are knit into our own bodies, that He is with us.

We enter union with Him thru water and Spirit and, when we are His children, His blood flows thru our veins and his flesh feeds us. There is no union conceivable to the human mind that is closer than the union that God provides thru the blood and flesh of his Son. However, when we are face to face with Him, our union will be even closer than that. "For nearer is He than breathing and closer than hands and feet".

Faith is belief in what we cannot see with our human eyes. Once He touches your eyes with His light, you can truly see that all things exist in Him. In Him, we live and move and have our being. We are animated and sustained by our all powerful and sovereign creator. His grace is truly all that we need for our survival.

We were made for God and our hearts cannot rest until they rest in Him. This is the meaning of life and He has not left us alone.


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