Monday, January 21, 2008

Christian Think Tank

The Spiritual Counterfeits Project is a Christian think tank based in Berkley, CA. Tal Brooke heads up this organization. His books, Riders of the Cosmic Circuit and Lord of the Air were instrumental in me coming into relationship with the One Living God.

I have been a seeker of the truth my entire life. Very much like Tal Brooke, I sought to understand all of the different world religions and philosophies. I also sought to come to an understanding of God and creation thru the study of literature, cosmology and depth psychology.

Tal Brooke's books confirmed a suspicion that I had always had about the spiritual realms, those realms that have more substance and reality than even our current reality. I had always wondered if God, and the other inhabitants of these realms of reality, were truly friendly towards humanity, or not. This is a very important question to ask one's self! In coming to a deeper understanding of the demonic and angelic, I came to a deeper understanding of God.

I never looked back, once I met Jesus Christ and came under His authority. I have "met" many folks online who have become deeply hurt, in body/mind/soul, as they have dabbled in the occult and sought to develop relationships with disembodied entities whom they assume have benevolent intentions towards them. If any of you folks come across this blog, I just want you to know that you can find freedom and healing thru Jesus Christ and I would be happy to chat with you about it.

Also, the website for The Spiritual Counterfeits Project is an invaluable resource for these types of issues.

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